Financial systems that calculate and report profitability should be understood and embraced by the users of the information. Why is it then that so many business managers are unhappy with the results and unwilling to use them? The true measure of success in implementing Profitability and Performance Management systems is the use of that information by middle and senior management in the proactive management of their businesses.

Stabilizing the Financials

One of the most common problems in financial service companies is fluctuating line items in the line of business financial results. This typically results from weak accounting policies that allows a rippling of changes to cascade throughout the company. We can show you how to cost effectively eliminate these distractions so your internal financials actually reflect the businesses you’re managing.

Why Users Become Dissatisfied

Users of financial information become dissatisfied because they are unable to see the results of their actions in the financials. They believe the rates and rules are arbitrary and inaccurate. One CEO told us he only wanted to make as much net income as all of his direct reports said they made. We can show you how this internal focus on accounting systems detracts from the accomplishment of your mission and the achievement of your goals. More importantly, we can also show you how to correct it.

Integrating Profitability Results

Most profitability systems fail to integrate the results. Your profit centers are selling products and services to your customers through your various delivery channels. You’re running an integrated business; you need to see integrated results. We can show you how to identify profit center profitability by product and channel; product profitability by profit center and channel; and, customer profitability by product and channel.

Runaway Implementation Projects

Are you in a runaway implementation project? Do you feel it’s taking too long and costing too much? Enterprise-wide implementations should be completed in less than 12 months. We can quickly and cost effectively review your project, identify what’s holding you up, and get you back on track.


Strengthening Professional Management